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Isola Journey, or Island Journey. Adventure through ocean waters, from island to island, with fresh coconuts and peaceful water vibes awaiting you.

This double strand Anklet features, hand crafted and stamped Hilltribe Silver beads and charms on a Polywax Cotton cord. An easy fit; slide the adjustable bead to your comfort, tie a knot to keep in place. Matching Anklet to the Isola Journey Bracelet.

Hand crafted and stamped Hilltribe Silver
Polywax Cotton
7.5cm adjustable poly wax cotton cord

Measures at 21 - 28.5cm



    How to care for your Embella Jewels:

    • Avoid harsh substances like chlorine, perfume and bleach, as it may damage the finish.
    • Always rinse with fresh water after exposure to salt water
    • Store your Embella jewels in a Jewellery box or bag, seperate from other mixed metals
    • Clean with a soft cotton polishing cloth.


    (Brought to you by The Laundry Hub Naracoorte).

    Embella - Isola Journey Anklet

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