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Dusk - Larimar - Embella Jewellery 


This small and charming earring features tranquil Larimar cushioned amongst a silver braiding. Dusk illustrates the end of the day and to take a break and reflect.

No two stones are the same and colour may vary slightly

Tumbled Larimar
Sterling Silver ear hooks

Earrings measure at approximately 0.5cm diameter and 1.2cm long



  • Substances like chlorine, perfume and bleach should be avoided as it may damage the silver and weaken the cord. We recommend not wearing your Embella item when near these elements.
  • Always wash over with clean water after exposure to salt water
  • Store your Embella piece seperate from other mixed metals
  • Any hard knocks to your Embella item may damage charms as all pieces are handmade and hand stamped

Embella - Dusk - Larimar

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